Pale Blue




     major point of this site update pictures of stars








i am a vip
i am a dream girl
alwasy tell myself
to be happy
to be well
to enjoy eveyday



i can do it,   i can do it,

no matter how hard will be

 i will try my best

family members are the most important in my life.


like i said in the front i am vip

which means

i love BIGBANG. so so so much,and other koren singers, stars,

i love American stars, singers,moveis stars. so on.

those two are my major love.

and plus,some chinese movies stars and singers


i am new learner of design, i am still working on this, hope one day……………………………………………………i will………….

i love wathching movies, lisening music, drawing ,and reading

i love to use photoshop, i love to do sth web desgin.


this blog i used to update pic of stars or

sometimes i may update

some fashion pic or

some models ,or

some clothes ,or

movies pic

 i am still planning how to manage this site.

later on,

 i may change sth or ,

add sth new topic in this blog

i will work on this.

^ ^




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