Kim Hyun Joong (3) (9P)


Kim Hyun Joong – CONVERSE (5P)


Lee Min Ho – SIGNATURE PART (A) (9P)


-0- another part i will update tom..


Lee Min Ho – Donkin Donuts (14P)

    -.-those are not high quality.

    -.-i couldnt find it.


Lee Min Ho – ETUDE House (7P)


Boys Over Flowers offical Pic[2] (10p)


eveyday. i will update Boys Over Flowers  10pic….

Boys Over Flowers offical Pic[1]


-looks like everday people come to my blog  to c pic

-i never demand anyone to leave a comment before they take pic

-but, since i update pic everyday, –b-i think myself work quiet hard.- -ha

-i would like

-before u take pic away

-leave a comment or say sth with pic

-or u can leave sth  or pic u what,

-the reason i want to do this

-first, i just open this blog, few days.

-right now, everyday i just update pic,

-i may make sth change,

-so i would like some others idear.

-like, if someone will like music ,video. ……

-anyway. – -i alwasy change,

-work hard. hahahahahahhahahahahaha.